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Hinterland New Zealand forest



UMF™ 5+ Premium Mānuka Honey


UMF™ 10+ Premium Mānuka Honey


UMF™ 15+ Premium Mānuka Honey


UMF™ 20+ Premium Mānuka Honey


MGO 50+ Multifloral Mānuka Honey 500g

Hinterland New Zealand organic manuka honey

Premium Mānuka

Our range of premium Mānuka honey is collected sustainably from New Zealand’s snow-capped Ruahine ranges, north to the tussock valleys of the Kaimanawas.


Enjoyed around the world, the range contains UMF™ 5+, 10+ and 15+, in 250g jars, and a 500g MGO 50+. All varietals are raw and unpasterised, 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka.

UMF Verification

Certified Mānuka Honey, has been scientifically proven to contain anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory, and anti microbial properties. New Zealand Mānuka Honey contains over 2000 compounds NOT found in any other variety of honey. The number in the next closest honey is 750.

The UMFHA is an independent standards organization set up 26 years ago to ensure the consumer can identify that the honey from hive to jar has been handled correctly and the levels of concentration stated on the jar is confirmed to be correct. Their focus is to enforce and confirm the highest standards are met.

For Mānuka Honey to be UMF™ Verified, these 4 compounds are tested,measured and confirmed:

  • Leptosperin – Unique to the Mānuka plant – this compound cannot be manufactured in a factory. It has anti-inflammatory effects and research has shown it actually crosses into the bloodstream. That finding is where some of the most recent and fascinating research is being done. It is known as the “authenticator” telling you that what you are buying is true Mānuka honey.

  • DHA – this is the building block and used in concert with MGO. When the ratio of the two are correct it ensures potency throughout the shelf life and likely beyond.

  • Methyglyoxal (MGO) – This checks measures the antibacterial content. The MGO test is only a content measure. It doesn’t rate it is just confirms the amount of MGO you have per kilogram. It does not test for any other measure which is why the UMFrating is more comprehensive.

  • HMF – This tells you if your product has been stored too long or overheated before it is put in the jar.

Hinterland New Zealand organic manuka honey
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