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Currently only available to purchase online in the US

UMF™ 15+ MGO 514+

One of the rarest honeys in the world, due to our remote location Hinterland is one of the few certified organic Mānuka honey producers in New Zealand. This is the one that is recommended when you need the ‘strong stuff’. It’s a superstar for sure. UMF™ 15+ provides you with high concentration levels of Mānuka honeys benefits. Use when you feel something coming on – a scratchy throat or cold – it’s also great for wound and skin care. 

UMF™ 15+ Certified Organic Mānuka Honey 8.8oz

  • Certified organic raw Mānuka honey from New Zealand. USDA organic and Kosher certified, gluten-free, no pesticides, no antibiotics and non-GMO. Comes in a glass jar which can be re-used or recyled. Produced by Hinterland, a family-owned small business in New Zealand.

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