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Certified Organic Mānuka Honey

Home to some of the rarest honey in the world, we produce Certified Organic New Zealand Mānuka honey. Our wild and remote location means our Mānuka honey is pesticide free and contains very high UMF.  We are a small family-owned business and are extremely proud to share this incredibly rare, 100% natural superfood with you.


USDA Certified Organic

NON GMO Verified

Kosher Certified

USA Eco Awards Finalist

Hinterland New Zealand forest

Our Story

I’m Sarah Wells, founder and head beekeeper at Hinterland. My family have been farming and caring for this land for five generations, and I continue in their footsteps today with my husband and three children.

We are proud to share with you our certified organic Mānuka honey, only made possible by our remote location in the North Island of New Zealand.

Hinterland founder Sarah Well

Mānuka Honey Benefits

The use of Mānuka honey dates back at least 1000 years, when it was traditionally used by Māori for a variety of medicinal purposes. It was believed to aid in coughs, colds, digestion, immune system support, and for treating burns and wounds. Today,  Mānuka honey is recognised worldwide for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory healing properties. It is also rich in antioxidants and canhelp protect the body from free radical damage. 

Boost Immunity 

Enhance your body's defenses by using the natural power of Mānuka honey. 

Stay Energized 

Tap into the goodness of antioxidants supporting cellular health and natural sugars to feel lasting energy- perfect for the busy days. 


Soothe your system and enjoy a healthy gut due to its prebiotic content.

Wellness Routine

Enhance warm drinks with our honey- a natural boost to your day. 

Beautiful Skin 

Glow inside and out when used as a moisturizer while regularapplication fights aging. The anti-bacterial qualities make it useful for fighting acne, eczema and other skin problems. 


A gift from nature proven to help in treating wounds, burns and infections.

Hinterland farm


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