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Hinterland founder Sarah Wells

Kia ora

I’m Sarah Wells, founder and head beekeeper. My family have been farming and caring for this land for five generations, and I continue in their footsteps today with my husband and three children. 

Establishing Mānuka hives on this land was a no-brainer, our remote location in New Zealand’s North Island means our honey is free of pesticides and insecticides – enabling us to proudly achieve organic certification. 

Hinterland found & head beekeeper Sarah Wells
Hinterland founder Sarah Wells & family


Our organic honey is very precious and we harvest in small batches with great care. Supporting local rural families is important to us, our beekeepers are part of the Hinterland family and together we are dedicated to providing a product that is 100% natural, respectful of the environment, preserving the ecosystem of this land. We are delighted to share our rare Mānuka honey with the world.


Certified Organic

Achieving organic certification is what sets us apart from Mānuka honey competitors. Because our hives are so remote, Mānuka flowers, bees and honey are not exposed to any pesticides or insecticides.


Our honey has been accredited USDA Certified Organic, NON GMO Verified and Kosher Certified. Only certified organic is the most natural and finest quality Mānuka honey on the market, offering the greatest health benefits. 

Holistic Approach

It is our mission to work with the land, nature and bees in a harmonious manner to ensure no corners are cut, providing our customers with exceptional organic Mānuka honey.


We oversee all aspects of the production process, from harvesting to packing and marketing, which means we can proudly make the process transparent for our customers. Follow our journey with us  on social media.


We have been farming using sustainable practices for five generations. Knowledge gained over the centuries has been past onto each generation – sustainability and care of the land and its people, underpins everything we do.

Hinterland New Zealand organic manuka honey
Hinterland Organic beehive

Our Journey to Organic

Sarah’s grandfather had established a 2000 acre private scenic reserve on the farm, that included dense Mānuka trees. This forest inspired Sarah to start beekeeping, and in 2016 she embarked on the process to produce the highest grade of certified organic Mānuka honey.

Our Certified Organic Range

UMF 5+ / 83 MGO

UMF™ 10+ / 263 MGO

UMF™ 15+ / 514 MGO

UMF™ 20+ / 829 MGO

Accredited USDA Certified Organic, NON GMO Verified and Kosher Certified.

We are committed to the environment and to your health – we are the only New Zealand brand packaging Organic Mānuka honey in glass jars, which can be reused or recycled.

New Zealand fern

Tō Aroha

Our Whakatauāki.  


A Whakatauākī is a proverb, and in Maori culture it is customary for  these proverbs to be ‘gifted’. ‘Tō Aroha’ was gifted to Hinterland from the local Mōkai Pātea whanau (people), who have lived in the local area for more than 600 years. They’ve used the Mānuka plant for it’s healing properties, from ancient to modern times. For the Hinterland team it is a privilege to receive this gift and to have the blessing for its use, which we now pass on to you.  ‘Tō Aroha’ means ‘love’ – which for us represents the love and care taken to produce Hinterland honey, it is the magic ingredient and the heart of our company.

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